Committee & Membership

If you ever attended or will attend a ULAB conference you are automatically a “member” which allows you to take part in the voting for ULAB’s next host university if you are present at the AGM (held at the end of each conference).

There is a national committee which keeps an eye on the general stuff concerning ULAB, and each year a new organising committee at the host university that organises the conference.

Cambridge 2017 Conference Organizing Committee
Tamisha Tan, Local Chair
Peter Grishin, Vice-Chair
Elisabeth Kerr, Secretary
Ollie Sayeed, Treasurer
Tom Meadows, Vice Secretary
Samuel Andersson, General Member
Tom Meadows, General Member
Elysia Warner, General Member

Aberdeen 2016 Conference Organizing Committee
Mari Aigro, Local Chair
Lisa Nais, Secretary
Holly Redfearn, Treasurer
Andrea Faulds, Webmaster
Angie Beltran, Vice Secretary


York St John 2015 Conference Organizing Committee
Fiona Preston & Chris Robson, Chair
Natalie Flint, Secretary
Jack Joyce, Treasurer
Chloe Langford, Vice chair
Grace Mason, Vice treasurer
Angie Peters, Webmaster
Alexander Robertson, Ordinary member
Andrew Merrison, Ordinary member
Annie Rockett, Ordinary member
Arielle Redman, Ordinary member
Fiona Preston, Ordinary member
Katy Jones, Ordinary member


Edinburgh 2014 Conference Organizing Committee
Aara Cleghorn, Chair
Amie Fairs
Christopher Lewin
David Pickering
Gina Bruckner
James Reid
Michael Stone
Pippa Shoemark
Sheena Prasad
Shyla Hossain


York 2013 Conference Organizing Committee
Georgina Brown, Chair
Charlie Burgess
Angie Peters
Kate Hickey


Bristol 2012 Conference Organizing Committee
Tom Williams, Chair
Jessica Roberts, Secretary
Claire Swaffield, Treasurer
Maryam Bham, Communication Officer
Amy Haines, Communication Officer
Dave Etheridge, Communication Officer
Chris Ohman, Time Lord
Joshua Creaven, Web Administrator
Antonia Kelly, Transport Officer
Gina Ko, Accomodation
Lauren Robson
Catherine Haynes
Fran Weatherall
Tanya Woll


Edinburgh 2011 Conference Organizing Committee

Amie Fairs
David M. T. Arnold
Elizabeth Anderson
Georgina Brown
Gina Bruckner
Hannah Gould
Jennifer Heyward
Jody Rae
Kajsa Djärv
Laura Tomlinson
Lili Fullerton
Melissa Geere
Richard Littauer
Rosie Kay
Sara Medel Jimenez
Sonja Virta
Stephanie Maia


National Committee 2015-2016

James K. Puchowski, Executive Chair
Mari Aigro, Secretary
Holly Redfearn, Treasurer
James Michaelov, Webmaster
Jack Joyce, Vice Chair
Andreea Piciui, Vice Secretary
Michael Stone, Vice Treasurer
Sophie Mafham, Ordinary Member
Chloe Langford, Ordinary Member
Andrew Merrison, Ordinary Member
Sami Tapio Huttunen, Ordinary Member
Christopher Bacon, Ordinary Member
Simone Peschek, Ordinary Member
Jessica White, Ordinary Member
Natalie Flint, Ordinary Member
Beth Griffiths, Ordinary Member
Ben Edwards, Ordinary Member
Lizzie Harrison, Ordinary Member
Katy Risbridger, Ordinary Member
Johnathan Stevenson, Ordinary Member


National Committee 2014-2015

Jack Joyce, Executive Chair
David Pickering, Secretary
Andreea Piciu, Treasurer
Tom Rhodes, Vice chair
Brendan Sugrue, Vice secretary
Daniel Eggleston, Vice treasurer
David Gallardo Nieto-Sandoval, Webmaster
Amie Fairs, Ordinary member
Andrew Merrison, Ordinary member
Charlie Burgess, Ordinary member
Chloe Langford, Ordinary member
Chris Robson, Ordinary member
Pippa Shoemark, Ordinary member
Sami Huttunen, Ordinary member
Sheena Prasad, Ordinary member


National Committee 2013-2014
Aara Cleghorn, Chair
Amie Fairs, Treasurer
Andrew Merrison
Angie York
Bryony Jones, Secretary
Charlie Burgess
Chloe Langford, Secretary
Christopher Lewin
Kate Hickey
Pippa Shoemark
Shyla Hossain, Chair
Tom Rhodes


National Committee 2012-2013
Claire Swaffield
David M. T. Arnold
Gina Bruckner