Welcome to ULAB: Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain.
The student run UK organisation for students of linguistics and related fields.

About ULAB

In January 2011, Edinburgh University’s Linguistics & English Language Society wanted to develop links with linguistics students in other universities. They searched for a national undergraduate linguistics group but soon realised there was a gap to fill: ULAB was born.

We are a student run autonomous collective, and are entirely staffed by volunteers. We aim to:

  • Provide a forum for linguistics discussion among undergraduates in Britain;
  • Hold annual conferences for linguistics students to present their work and showcase undergraduate research in language sciences;
  • Provide a mailing list for issues exclusively in Britain;
  • Help provide a network and central hub for university societies;
  • Bridge the gap between national student interests and universities and professional organisations;
  • Host an open-access blog to facilitate learning and self-presentation.

The Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain is the only society set up for undergraduate linguistic students that is not tied to another professional organisation or university. We are a subsidiary node of the International Association for Linguistics Students (IALS).